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  • Unlocking Efficiency with the MyLNS Customer Portal 24/7

    Time is of the essence in the fast-paced business environment, and having a streamlined and efficient process for managing orders and inquiries is vital. The MyLNS customer portal is a crucial resource, earning praise from users.

  • MyLNS Customer Portal Makes Navigating Your LNS Transactions 24/7 Seamless

    In the fast-paced world of logistics and order management, efficiency is paramount. Every minute saved and every streamlined process contributes to the success of daily operations.

  • How a Precision CNC Shop Keeps its New Facility Free from Oil/Coolant Mist and Particulates

    When you move your CNC shop into a new building, you want to keep it as clean, healthy, and safe for your employees as possible.

  • Machine Shop Applies High-Pressure Coolant, Reduces Cycle Time More Than 6 Hours

    High pressure coolant systems and more expensive tooling may put some shop owners off, but cost-benefit analyses prove that making these kinds of process improvements more than justify the initial cost.

  • LNS Products Enhance The Health and Safety Of the People Who Operate Them

    One of the LNS products that maintain a safe work environment is the Fox SC2 330 Spray Cabin that, according to Melin Tool’s Dan Flanik, fits perfectly with the company’s ongoing commitment to protecting the well-being of its employees.

  • LNS Mist Collectors and Chip Conveyors Are Bulletproof

    Lehigh Defense manufacturing focuses on optimizing productivity and providing a safe and healthy workplace.

LNS e-CONNECT for maximum productivity

Boosting productivity through transparency and communication: LNS has been researching and developing connectivity solutions from peripherals towards machine tools, people and platforms for more than ten years.

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With business units in Europe, United States, Asia and Japan as well as eight production sites, we have a strong global presence to support our customers though worldwide sales and service network.

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