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  • Healthy employees, healthy business

    A healthy workforce reduces absenteeism, helps contain medical costs, and boosts morale – which leads to greater productivity. Best of all, you can enjoy these benefits by simply choosing machine tool peripherals designed with worker health and safety in mind.


    The user-friendly, ultra-light touch screen HMI with prompting menu screens ensures the interaction between the bar feeder and the lathe, allowing the production process to run safely and efficiently.

  • LNS Compact Filtering Chip Conveyor Keeps Machine Sump Free of all Types and Sizes of Chips

    The LNS Turbo MF4 chip conveyor is the latest generation of filtering chip conveyors from LNS North America, with a dual conveyor system and self-cleaning filter drum to manage chip materials of all shapes, sizes, and weights.

  • Storskogen Group acquires LNS Group

    The LNS Group has entered into an agreement to be sold to the Storskogen Group, a publicly traded Swedish Group that invests in small and medium sized businesses. Storskogen, as a collaborative partner, will offer LNS long term stability and allow us to accelerate our growth to further reinforce our position as the global leader of world class machine tool peripherals and services.

  • LNS Venturi Pump Combined with FullShop Automated Coolant Management System Dramatically Reduces Coolant & Labor Costs

    Data from production runs at Precision Tool Technologies using the LNS Venturi Pump and FullShop systems indicates significant potential coolant savings.

  • “LNS Has Been Our Trusted Partner for Steady Rest Applications for Over 20 Years”

    “Our company has been around for over 80 years, so we understand the importance of experience and stability. We’ve found both in LNS throughout our 20 plus years working together.”

LNS e-CONNECT for maximum productivity

Boosting productivity through transparency and communication: LNS has been researching and developing connectivity solutions from peripherals towards machine tools, people and platforms for more than ten years.

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With business units in Europe, United States, Asia and Japan as well as eight production sites, we have a strong global presence to support our customers though worldwide sales and service network.

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