How a Precision CNC Shop Keeps its New Facility Free from Oil/Coolant Mist and Particulates

Enviro-Tech Industries and LNS Mist Collectors


When you move your CNC shop into a new building, you want to keep it as clean, healthy and safe for your employees as possible. That’s why Enviro-Tech Industries decided to install LNS FOX Oil/Coolant Mist Collectors throughout its new 44,000 square foot facility in Boise Idaho.


The precision machining company employs 30+ VMCs, HMCs, lathes and 5-axis machining centers. They specialize in producing tight tolerance parts for demanding customers in aerospace, medical products and many other industries. Established in 1993, Enviro-Tech moved into its current facility 4 years ago. According to Facilities Manager Attila Sipiczki, the mist collectors used in the previous plant were not performing to Enviro-Tech standards, allowing deposits to form on the walls, floors and equipment. Recognizing that many of their machining centers are used in applications that create large amounts of coolant mist and particulates that could pose health and safety risks, the company investigated the best way to control air quality in the new shop.


After investigating various options for the new facility, the company experimented with a few used LNS Oil/Coolant Mist Collectors obtained from another shop. The results were promising, so they worked with LNS to determine which additional units would best serve their needs. Mr. Sipiczki adds, “The people from LNS were knowledgeable and helped us select the right Mist Collector for each of our CNC machines. I also liked that they have a number of different mounting accessories so you can tailor the installation to each machine tool.”

“We were familiar with LNS because we also have some of their bar feeders and chip conveyors in the shop. We knew from experience that they make reliable products and have responsive service and support. They performed air quality tests when the new equipment was installed, and we have cleaner air, cleaner machines and our workers are happier with the conditions in our facility.”

The LNS FOX WS 2 Series of oil/Mist Collectors includes 5 models with air flow rates from 170 to 1250 CFM. The WM Series, for larger or multiple machines, have airflow of 2350 CFM. All systems exceed OSHA and NIOSH standards and remove 99% of oil mist. An optional HEPA filter removes 99.7% of cutting smoke particulates.

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