LNS Products Enhance The Health and Safety Of the People Who Operate Them


“Employee safety is a high priority for Melin Tool, so adding the LNS Spray Cabin was a no-brainer.”

- Dan Flanik, Sr. Maintenance Manager, Melin Tool Company

Along with productivity improvement, reliability and longevity, all LNS products enhance the health and safety of the people who operate them: Bar feeders that allow CNC machines to operate at peak performance while protecting workers from high-speed bar rotation, oil mist collectors that keep the workplace free of oil mist and other contaminants, coolant management systems that eliminate toxic waste oil, and many other innovations.

One of the LNS products that maintain a safe work environment is the Fox SC2 330 Spray Cabin that, according to Melin Tool’s Dan Flanik, fits perfectly with the company’s ongoing commitment to protecting the well-being of its employees.

“We became concerned that the common practice of grinding a part, removing it from the CNC machine, walking to an air hose and blowing off the oil created a potential safety hazard. Falling on an oil-slick floor can cause serious injuries. Then I saw a TITAN CNC video online about the LNS Spray Cabin, and it looked like the perfect solution. We took advantage of a 30-day trial offer and brought one into our facility. All we had to do was plug it in and see what the machine operators thought.

Typically, we hear some criticisms of a new piece of equipment, but everyone who used the Spray Cabin had no complaints. They like that a sensor turns on the machine when they approach it, so they don’t have to manually turn it on or off.

We follow the preventative maintenance schedule, which is minimal, and the Spray Cabin does precisely what it’s supposed to do: keeps the work area free of dangerous oil spray. Just as important, the automatic on/off feature saves energy usage and worker time, which makes the investment a no-brainer.”

Melin Tool produces enormous quantities of ultra-high-performance tools used on CNC machines, so it’s essential that all their equipment is accurate and reliable. “We’re no stranger to LNS products, being very satisfied with our 3 Express bar feeders that run constantly. Of course, we perform the required preventative maintenance so, even though they’re not new machines, they continue to operate reliably. If we need replacement parts or other support, LNS is always right there. We appreciate both the quality of their products and the quality of their customer support.”

Cleveland, Ohio-based Melin Tool Company was founded in 1940 and is now part of Walter, a division of Sandvik AB.

LNS designs, manufactures, sells and supports air filtration systems, bar feeders, chip conveyors, Chipblaster coolant management systems, and work support devices worldwide. To learn more about LNS CNC machine tool peripherals, contact your LNS representative, call 513-528-5674, or email: allproducts-sales@LNS-northamerica.com