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  • How High Pressure Coolant Delivery Improves Profits & Productivity for Metalworking Manufacturers

    High pressure coolant systems provide a significant opportunity for manufacturers to improve productivity and measurably reduce cost-per-part. However it is critical that high pressure systems are properly matched to applications to deliver the precise flow, pressure and temperature control required.

  • What to Look for in a Steady Rest

    There’s more to effective workholding using a steady rest device than you may think.

  • What Type of Automatic Bar Feeder Should You Choose?

    Not too many years ago CNC machining was all about speeds, feeds and other machine tool specs. While machine capabilities are still a key factor, savvy manufacturers have turned their attention to applying automation to maximize the performance of both their CNC machines and the entire production process.

  • Bar Feed – Turning Machine Ethernet Communications System Reduces Material Waste While Increasing Productivity

    Imagine this scenario on your production line: Your turning machine is running a batch of parts from an exotic, expensive alloy bar stock. Each part requires 5” of material, which leaves you with 4” of stock remaining. You can’t make another 5” part, but you don’t want to waste this expensive length of bar stock.

  • How to Prepare for Lights-out Production: Bar Feeders & More

    As manufacturers face the challenges of reducing cost-per-part while meeting quality and delivery demands, adding a workerless third shift is a tantalizing possibility. It’s also a bit scary.

  • Choosing the Right Chip Conveyor

    Many people believe that choosing the right chip conveyor is a no-brainer. And many people are wrong. Sure, on the surface it seems a simple task: Collect the metal cuttings and move them to a chip hopper. It’s analogous to taking out the trash. So how complicated can it be?

  • How Oil Mist Collector Technologies Impact Efficiency

    Among the reasons young people give for not choosing a career in manufacturing is the perception that factories are dirty, unhealthy places to work. In truth the majority of today’s CNC machine shop owners take pride in providing a clean, safe workplace for their employees and make significant investments in health and safety related equipment. One of the most challenging issues is oil mist and smoke created by the oil-based, synthetic or emulsion type coolants used by modern CNC machine tools.

  • Bar Feeders and Workpiece Surface Finish

    Every step in the machining process has an impact on the surface finish of a workpiece. Of course what constitutes acceptable surface finish depends on the nature of the part and its application. Regardless, virtually every part has to meet some surface finish criteria.

  • Steady Rest When You Need One & What To Look For

    Although steady rests are used in a number of unique operations, the most common application is to support a workpiece during turning or milling and, increasingly, during secondary operations such as ID drilling, boring and producing end face bolt-hole patterns.

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