Traditionally, the industry norm for 10 to 80 mm bar diameter capacities has been a 12’ bar feeder. However, the Quick Six S2+ bar feeder has numerous benefits, primarily centered around speed and efficiency.

Manufacturers constantly seek ways to improve throughput while maintaining quality. The LNS Quick Six S2+ bar feeder is a compact and robust bar feeder designed to accommodate bar stock with diameters ranging from 10 to 80 mm (3/8” to 3-1/8”) and provides quicker loading,  allowing fast turning speeds for fixed headstock turning machines.

By embracing 6’ bar stock capacities for diameters ranging from 10 to 80 mm, The Quick Six S2+ bar feeder offers numerous advantages, including fast turning speeds, reduced material waste, longer unattended operation, seamless changeover, and improved ergonomics. Additionally, it addresses the challenges of bar straightness, resulting in higher machining precision and efficiency.


Seamless Changeover

Switching between different bar diameters is a breeze with the Quick Six S2+. No oily channel pieces and pusher sets are required. Simply change out the guide tube and spindle liner to accommodate different bar sizes, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition between machining tasks.


Compact Footprint & Ergonomics

The compact design of the Quick Six S2+ bar feeder not only saves valuable floor space in your machining facility but also enhances ergonomics. Loading 6’ bars onto the rack eliminates the need to lift heavy 12’ bars above waist level, reducing the risk of strain or injury for machine operators.


Longer Unattended Operation

The Quick Six S2+ bar feeder comes equipped with a standard chain magazine that can hold up to 7 pieces of bar stock and an optional 25” wide lower horizontal rack. This extended capacity allows for longer periods of unattended operation, enhancing productivity and reducing labor costs. Equivalent to (8) 12’ bars at 3” diameter.


Fast Speeds & Improved Finish

One of the key advantages of using 6’ bar stock is the ability to turn at optimum RPMs. This increased speed directly translates to improved throughput. Shorter (6’) bars are less likely to present bent bars or out-of-tolerance conditions, ensuring a smoother and more consistent machining process and high-quality surface finishes.

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