LNS Venturi Pump Combined with FullShop Automated Coolant Management System Dramatically Reduces Coolant & Labor Costs

LNS Venturi Pump


Unattended and lights-out operations require that every manufacturing component perform reliably. That’s where LNS bar feeders, chip conveyors, Chipblaster high-pressure systems and other peripherals come in: They enable CNC machines to continuously operate at peak efficiency. However, if the machine sump runs low on coolant with no one available to top it off, production comes to a halt. Also, sumps that are off ratio waste expensive coolant.

The 168 Manufacturing brand of Precision Tool Technologies, Inc. (Brainerd, MN) solves this problem with its FullShopTM Coolant Management System that automatically delivers appropriately mixed coolant to as many as 120 CNC machines with up to 5,760 gallons per day. This eliminates the time and expense of machine operators refilling coolant sumps during unattended operation, and enables lights-out production without fear of running out of coolant.

Because Precision Tool Technologies uses LNS peripherals in the production of its various jobs and products, it was only natural that the two companies look for additional ways to reduce production costs. One such issue is the problem of coolant accumulation in chip hoppers. The solution is the LNS Venturi Pump that continuously reclaims coolant from the chip hopper to allow longer machine runs and easier cleanouts.

LNS Venturi Pump Process

FullShop software tracks actual coolant and water usage per CNC. Data from production runs at Precision Tool Technologies using the LNS Venturi Pump and FullShop systems indicates significant potential coolant savings:

CNC Machine

(Mori 4)

(Mori 3)

Target Sump Concentration



Average Weekly
Coolant Usage

May – July
5.47 gallons

1.45 gallons

May – July
4.07 gallons

1.46 gallons

Savings Per Week

4.02 gallons

2.61 gallons

Annualized Savings

209 gallons $4,598

135 gallons $2,985

Top-off Ratio

Was averaging 2.7%, now averaging 0.6%

Was averaging 2.1%, now averaging 0.5%

For additional information on LNS Venturi Pumps, contact your local LNS representative. For more about FullShop Automated Coolant management Systems, contact 168 Manufacturing.

LNS designs, manufactures, sells and supports air filtration systems, bar feeders, chip conveyors, Chipblaster coolant management systems, and work support devices worldwide. To learn more about LNS CNC machine tool peripherals, call 513-528-5674 or email: allproducts-sales@LNS-northamerica.com