LNS Advanced HMI Enhances Machine Health Monitoring, Makes Programming & Troubleshooting Easier

The user-friendly, ultra-light touch screen HMI with prompting menu screens ensures the interaction between the bar feeder and the lathe, allowing the production process to run safely and efficiently.

Enhanced serviceability through QR code technology that instantly lists diagnostics

Information can be forwarded via email from the source. Accessible Information via QR Code

Application parameters

Interface parameters


I/O status (bar feed internal signals and electrical interface signals)

HMI Features

Statistics & Production Runs Information

Current Bar feed/Machine Status Information

Parts numbers in Parts Library accept numerical and alphanumeric format

Fast and easy changeover setups.

Via graphical representation, a visual information on occurring alarms helps quickly diagnose the cause of the alarm.
Alarm information can be accessed via QR code and be forwarded to an LNS Representative for further assistance

Real time Diagnostics screen shows Bar feed interface signals status between the lathe and bar feed, signals timing charts. In addition, bar feed time tracking during operation and production information such as idle time, feeding part time, number of parts machined, number of bars loaded, etc.) can also be displayed.

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