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Removing Waste Oil Just Got Even Easier

LNS PhaSep Filter Media

Filtering media for waste oil removal helps extend coolant life and keep the workplace healthy.

Waste oil in CNC machine coolant produces bacteria that can cause skin and respiratory problems for machine operators. The LNS PhaSep waste oil removal system solves this problem, in part, through a special filtering mechanism. Now, a newly developed filtering media available in the Mini and Junior PhaSep models makes maintaining the systems even faster and easier.

Especially designed for waste oil removal, the new filtering media is easily cleaned using common dishwashing soap and water and does not require pressure washing or a dedicated cleaning station. The media is held in place by a spring-loaded clamp and no tools are needed to remove or re-install.

The PhaSep system uses a floating pickup to skim the oil and coolant mixture from the top of the machine tool sump. As the liquid slowly flows through the unique filtering media, waste oil droplets as small as 20 microns separate from the coolant and float to the top of the PhaSep unit, eventually passing over a weir that traps the waste oil. The coolant, now cleaned of 99% of the contaminated oil, is then returned to the machine sump.

Removing waste oil in this way provides a number of benefits, including reducing costs by extending coolant life and maintenance time. Plus, eliminating the effects of waste oil contamination means healthier machine operators and fewer sick days.

For all the facts on PhaSep waste oil removal systems and the new, easier-to-clean filtering media, contact your nearest LNS representative, 513-528-5674 or email: