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Having Been Designated an Essential Business Means LNS is Open & Ready to Safely Serve the Needs of Our Manufacturing Community

Please know that at LNS we are committed to providing much needed support to all our customers during this difficult time. The LNS team is also honored to contribute to a number of critical projects, including the production of components vital to addressing the need for life-saving respiratory ventilators.

As we do so, we carefully follow all CDC guidelines and go beyond with safety measures that keep our people, customers and suppliers safe. In this way our dedicated team remains ready to help you with applications advice, technical service, replacement parts, product sales and delivery.

Should you require support and an on-site visit is not possible, LNS Inside Service Technicians are as near as your phone . They are experienced and highly qualified to answer even the toughest questions.

In addition, LNS Product Managers will soon provide free Webinar sessions to address many aspects of bar feeding, chip and coolant management, oil/mist collection, and high pressure coolant systems.

LNS is a global company and this is a global phenomenon on a scale none of us have ever experienced. When this viral enemy is subdued – and it will be – we will all be stronger for having gone through it together.

In the meantime, please stay safe and know that we are here for you.

Jeff McMullen
CEO LNS North America