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When choosing your machine-tool peripherals solution, our wide selection of resources will provide you the necessary information to find the right product combination. We also offer direct download of technical manuals.


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Need assistance? A majority of our current product offering technical manuals can be downloaded for your reference. For machine-tool peripherals that aren’t listed, please complete the form at the bottom of this page to have one emailed.

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  • Express 220 S2 and Express 332 S2 Top Cut Setting Procedure
  • Express 220 S2 and Express 332 S2 Front Rest Changeover Procedure

    LNS designs and manufactures chip conveyors and complete chip systems for all types of machines and for various applications. Since 1976, LNS has installed more than 130,000 chip transport systems around the world.

  • LNS in the world

    To make the most of your tower, you need the right accessories for you. With more than 40 years of experience and proven performance, LNS offers the largest and most advanced product line on the market: refuellers, chip conveyors, air filtration systems and more.

  • LNS – UK Production Facility

    LNS designs and produces conveyors and complete chip disposal systems for all machine types and for the most varied applications. Up to today LNS has installed more than 140’000 units worldwide since 1976.

  • LNS – Taiwan Production Facility

    The LNS quality assurance program ensures high quality standards and consistent performance. Our experienced production and quality control personnel use precision instruments for in-process and final product inspection. Each peripheral undergoes an extensive quality inspection before shipment, testing aspects such as accuracy and stability, controller performance and safety, giving it maximum reliability of performance when operated together with your machine tools.

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