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Chip Conveyor

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Pre-Owned Barfeeds

Each used barfeed is unique and sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please check with the LNS America Inc. sales department for the most current barfeeds available. Phone: 513-528-5674 or e-mail: barfeed-sales@lns-northamerica.com

12 Foot Automatic Barfeeds

2 Meter Automatic Barfeeds

2.5 Meter Automatic Barfeeds

Surplus Inventory – Chip Conveyors

Surplus inventory consists of new chip conveyors manufactured for specific machine models offered at a reduced price.  Please check with the LNS Turbo sales department for the most current chip conveyors available.  Phone:  704-739-7111 or email: conveyor-sales@lns-northamerica.com

Hinge Belt Chip Conveyors