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  • LNS Fox Mist Collectors are Moving to LNS Chipblaster

    Beginning November 1, 2023, we are instituting a strategic change in how we handle orders for LNS Fox mist collectors – LNS Fox WS2, LNS Fox WM2, and LNS Fox HE models.

  • Enhance CNC Machining Efficiency with High-Pressure Coolant Systems

    High-pressure coolant allows for higher cutting speeds and feeds, increasing material removal rates. This boosts productivity and reduces machining cycle times, enabling manufacturers to meet tight production deadlines and improve efficiency.

  • Precision Machining Requires Tight Tolerances

    It is essential precise and reliable machine tool peripherals are used throughout manufacturing processes to enable a CNC machine to maintain tight tolerances for precision machining.

  • 3 Ways to Help Optimize CNC Machine Performance

    Successfully harnessing the potential of advanced CNC machines requires equally capable machine tool peripherals.

  • Edward L. Bledsoe II Appointed CEO for LNS North America

    We are pleased to announce that Edward L. Bledsoe II has assumed the CEO role for the North America Business Unit at LNS Group.

  • My LNS Customer Portal Benefits

    The MyLNS customer portal provides a convenient, personalized, and secure way to interact with our team, saving time and improving interactions.

  • LNS Chipblaster is ISO 14001 Certified, the Global Environmental Standard

    ISO 14001 is an essential standard for LNS Chipblaster to take responsibility for our environmental impact and promote sustainability. It provides a framework to manage our environmental responsibilities systematically and cost-effectively.

  • Process Planning and Reliable Equipment are Keys to Successful Lights-Out or Unattended Production

    A well-executed lights-out machining program has tremendous potential to improve the way machining gets done. Shops must be willing to make the investment and improve their processes.

  • Join Us at the Precision Machining Technology Show | LNS North America

    We look forward to seeing you at PMTS 2023. Visit booth 1053 to learn about machining solutions to achieve process improvements. Take your Swiss machining to a new level by talking to our experts.

  • Chip Conveyor Solutions

    David Moran, National Chip Conveyor Product Manager, discusses chip conveyor solutions based on the different types of chip conveyors based on material, chip types, volumes, coolant, and filtration levels.

  • Healthy employees, healthy business

    A healthy workforce reduces absenteeism, helps contain medical costs, and boosts morale – which leads to greater productivity. Best of all, you can enjoy these benefits by simply choosing machine tool peripherals designed with worker health and safety in mind.


    The user-friendly, ultra-light touch screen HMI with prompting menu screens ensures the interaction between the bar feeder and the lathe, allowing the production process to run safely and efficiently.

LNS e-CONNECT for maximum productivity

Boosting productivity through transparency and communication: LNS has been researching and developing connectivity solutions from peripherals towards machine tools, people and platforms for more than ten years.

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With business units in Europe, United States, Asia and Japan as well as eight production sites, we have a strong global presence to support our customers though worldwide sales and service network.

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