LNS Mist Collectors and Chip Conveyors Are Bulletproof

Lehigh Defense and LNS North America


"LNS mist collectors and chip conveyors are bulletproof, letting us do what we do best: make great products."
- Just T. Evans, Plant Manager, Lehigh Defense

The Lehigh Defense manufacturing facility in Rapid City, South Dakota produces large quantities of munitions in a wide variety of types, shapes, and sizes. Like, many suppliers of defense materials, Lehigh can't reveal details of all that they do. However, like any high-volume CNC shop that makes precision products, this plant focuses on optimizing productivity and providing a safe and healthy workplace.

Mist Collectors

According to Plant manager, Justin Evans: "The LNS Fox oil/coolant mist collectors are a major improvement over previous brands we tried. Before, we had filter problems, poor suction and pressure, and a total lack of customer service. Now, the factory air is clean, floors and surfaces are no longer oily. Further, the LNS collectors are reliable and easy to maintain."

All LNS Fox oil/coolant mist collectors exceed OSHA and NIOSH industrial air quality standards by eliminating mist, smoke, and particulates. WS2 Series multi-stage oil/coolant mist collectors are suitable for all machine types and processes using water-soluble, synthetic, or neat oil coolants. HE 1000 electrostatic oil mist collectors are designed specifically for wet machining operations using straight oil.

Chip Conveyors

In addition to oil/coolant mist collectors, Lehigh defense has several LNS Turbo HB chip conveyors in service. "They keep our production continuously moving, they're low maintenance and let our machinists do what they do best – make our products without worrying about shoveling out chips."

Further, "I'd tell anyone who wants to know that, from our experience, LNS makes reliable products has great customer service, and is easy to work with."

Lehigh Defense is headquartered in Quakertown, PA

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