LNS Donation Helps Non-Profit Provide Fracture Surgery to the Injured Poor


In many parts of the world, a person with a bone fracture may not heal properly due to the absence of adequate facilities, lack of orthopedic education and unavailability of implant tools and devices. SIGN Fracture Care’s mission is to provide these resources at no cost to hospitals and patients in developing countries so that every injured person can quickly heal and return to work or school.

One aspect of the organization’s mission is to provide orthopedic instruments and implants that are designed and manufactured in a Richland, Washington USA facility. LNS bar feeders, chip conveyors and other products enable the factory’s CNC machines to efficiently produce these high-precision devices.

SIGN FRACTURETo assist in this humanitarian mission, LNS severely discounts the cost of its products for SIGN. According to SIGN, the amount of this discount allows the organization to provide a life repairing implant to 65 people.

Thus far SIGN Fracture Care enables 368 hospitals in 56 countries to improve the well-being of their patients. The people of LNS are proud to assist SIGN in furthering this important work.

If you would like to support the mission of SIGN Fracture Care, you can donate at SIGN Fracture Care. Sign Fracture Care is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.