New LNS Compact Filtering Chip Conveyor Keeps Machine Sump Free of all Types and Sizes of Chips

The LNS Turbo MF4 chip conveyor is the latest generation of filtering chip conveyors from LNS North America, with a dual conveyor system and self-cleaning filter drum to manage chip materials of all shapes, sizes, and weights. In real-world installations, Turbo MF4  is proven to handle fines, coarse,  stringy, and bushy mixed materials including heavy chip loads, stringy birds-nests and large chunks. As a result, this chip management system is ideal for worry-free  unattended and lights-out production.

With filtration to 50 microns, the machine sump remains free of contaminants, pumps are protected from damage, and only clean coolant recirculates through the machining process. This reduces maintenance costs, extends both tooling and coolant life and improves machine uptime.

In operation, the upper conveyor efficiently transports heavy loads while the lower, scraper-type conveyor removes remaining small particles. These fines are collected in the filter drum and deposited onto the incline.

Turbo MF4 has a compact design that uses no more floor space than most standard hinge-belt conveyors, allowing installation in even tight areas.

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Filtration down to 50 microns

Mixed Materials
Coarse or Stringy Chips
All Sizes Mixed

Fine Chips
Coarse and Stringy