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Lights-Out Production With Swiss-Style Turning Machines

Swiss Style Bar Feeds

Swiss-style turning machines are particularly well suited for unattended and lights-out production when paired with the right peripherals.

The characteristics of Swiss-style or sliding headstock turning machines are a natural fit for high-volume lights-out production of precision parts. They originated in the 1870s when Swiss watch makers required a better way to turn highly precise parts for their famous timepieces.

The major advantage over fixed headstock machines for these applications is the fixed cutting tool that enables Swiss-style lathes to machine bar stock very close to the guide bushing through which the material is fed. The result is a better supported and more stable workpiece, thereby reducing vibration.

In the 1970s, as competition in the watchmaking industry intensified, bar feeders were developed to reduce cost-per-part and make bar loading safer. In 1973, LNS introduced the Hydrobar® principle for the first bar loading system to use a thin film of oil to provide markedly better support, reduce vibration, allow increased spindle speeds and improve worker safety.

Today, Swiss-style turning machines successfully run unattended and overnight thanks to a wide range of LNS bar feeders that reliably and continuously feed bar stock with diameters ranging from less than 1 mm to 68 mm. In addition, bar feeders equipped with the LNS e-Connect communication system allow the bar feeder to bilaterally share data with the CNC machine controller to reduce material waste, enable on-the-fly, automatic changeovers of part programs and transmit machine health alerts.

To further enable trouble-free lights-out production, Swiss-style turning machines also rely on LNS Turbo chip conveyors, LNS CHIPBLASTER coolant management systems and other peripherals. Your LNS representatives have years of experience with Swiss-style turning machines and lights-out production. They can help you setup a reliable unattended manufacturing system. Call 513-528-5674 or email: