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How to Keep Factory Air Free of Oil/Coolant Mist Regardless of CNC Machine Size

Oil coolant mist collectors, workplace air filtration

Higher-performance oil/coolant mist collectors are needed to maintain air quality for shops with very large and multiple CNC machines.

Controlling coolant mist from CNC machine tools makes the workplace cleaner and the air safer to breathe, which results in less absenteeism, fewer injuries from slippery floors and even reduces HVAC costs.

Oil/coolant mist collector units with capacities from 170 to 1250 cfm, like the LNS Fox WS series, can accommodate a wide variety of individual CNC machines. However, today’s much larger CNC machine tools require greater air movement to efficiently control vapors and particulates. For example, a machine with an enclosure that exceeds 400 ft3 may require an oil/coolant mist collector with 2500 or greater cfm.

The need for greater airflow is even more important when connecting multiple CNC machines to one higher-performing unit. The LNS Fox WM series  oil/coolant mist collectors are specifically designed for these types of applications with 2500, 5000 and 7500 cfm models available. LNS also provides custom ductwork for centralized, multiple CNC machine air filtration systems to insure optimum performance.

Both the WS and WM series of LNS Fox oil/coolant mist collectors exceed OSHA and NIOSH clean air requirements, have long filter life and can be connected to the LNS e-Connect Ethernet communications system that shares data from CNC machines and other LNS peripherals such as bar feeders, chip conveyors, and ChipBLASTER high pressure coolant systems.

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