How Chip Conveyors Impact Workplace Safety


Chip conveyors perform a number of important functions that keep production running smoothly and reduce operating costs. The two most obvious of these are:

Eliminating bottlenecks by maintaining continuous removal of cuttings and keeping chips, fines and birds’ nests out of the cutting zone, thus preventing re-cutting which extends tool life and protects part finishes.

Filtering chip conveyors remove particles as small as 50 microns and return clean coolant to the machine sump, which protects pumps from damage, and extends coolant life.

A less obvious benefit is that chip conveyors also help protect the health and safety of CNC shop workers. Here’s how:

A properly functioning chip management system eliminates the need for a machine operator to clean out troublesome chips from within the machine tool. This is important, not only because it reduces labor cost and eliminates work stoppages, but also because manually clearing chips exposes workers to potential cuts, abrasions and skin irritation from coolants.

Containers into which properly processed chips are deposited have less coolant residue and are, therefore, easier for workers to move ­– often without using forklifts, overhead cranes or other devices that can pose safety issues.

A 3D factory integrated chip disposal system takes the process a step further by completely eliminating the need to manually move chip containers. These systems automatically and continuously remove chips from multiple machines through a piping system. The chips are deposited into a central disposal container either inside or outside of the facility.

Of course, for any chip management system to operate efficiently, it must be matched to the requirements of the machine tool and the operations performed. To identify the kind of chip conveying system that best fits your needs, consider the kind of material being machined, the shape and type of chips produced, whether or not coolant filtration is necessary and, if so, to what degree. This handy reference guide can help you determine the right chip conveyor for your needs.

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