Employing a worldwide workforce of more than 900, of which more than 200 at our European business unit, LNS offers a range of challenges across a wide variety of fields, enabling you to realise your potential in an international technical context.


Career Opportunities

We offer several career opportunities in our branches located in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and Great Britain. 

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About LNS

65 Representations Worldwide

30 Nationalities, working on 3 Continents

Length of service : 9 years

Average Age : 41 years old

20% women – 80% men

Recruiting Process & Spontaneous Applications

Our objective is to ensure that you experience positive emotions throughout the recruitment process, which is intended to be an inspiring and enjoyable journey for you.

LNS takes into account your commitment and investment during the recruitment process and ensures that each application is followed up with feedback, regardless of the outcome.

We hope to see you remain in our talent pool and be considered for future opportunities within the LNS European Business Unit.

We look forward to receiving your complete application. For any questions regarding employment, please contact us at : hr@lns-europe.com

Working at LNS

Discover who we are through the culture and values of LNS.

Our Employees, Our Ambassadors

Celebrating 20 years at LNS Europe, in Switzerland
Department: Methods

What do you appreciate most when working at LNS ?

Family spirit & Flexibility. There is a friendly atmosphere among colleagues. I can also have a good work life balance.


Commercial Apprentice in Switzerland

What can you say about your apprenticeship at LNS ?

Apprentices are not put aside. They have a place within the structure and they are well supported by their trainer.


Head of Products and Applications
Business Unit Europe, based in Switzerland

What makes LNS an attractive employer ?

LNS is a globally active company with its demands for quality and innovation, and yet there is still a real human dimension to it. All the interesting facets of the industry are represented there, with real opportunities for professional development.


Service & Spares Team Leader, LNS Turbo UK, based in Barnsley

How has working at LNS benefited you personally ?

The culture of support and development at LNS has benefitted me greatly. I have had many opportunities to be involved with different types of work and projects that could be considered outside of my job role, in which I have learnt new skills as well as strengthening existing ones. I have also had the opportunity to undertake further academic study and complete a master’s degree with the company.


Operations Manager, LNS Turbo UK, based in Barnsley

What makes you feel proud to work at LNS?

The pride and achievement of the people I work alongside, the manufacturing facility and our products.


Accounts Assistant, LNS Turbo UK, based in Barnsley

How has working at LNS benefited you personally ?

With the help of my mentor and colleagues of 10 years, LNS has aided my growth in and out of the company. I am more confident, conscientious, and determined. LNS has helped shape the person I am today .


Jackie, Internal Sales Assistant, LNS Turbo UK, based in Barnsley

What do you feel is the best part about working at LNS ?

The team. I feel immensely privileged to work with such a cohesive, supportive and friendly team.


Communication and Inside Sales Assistant, LNS Deutschland GmbH, based in Leonberg

Why do you enjoy working at LNS?

LNS takes a real interest in its employees. As a member of the team here, you're not just a number – you're supported, encouraged and valued.


Service Engineer, LNS Deutschland GmbH, based in Leonberg

How does it feel to work at LNS ?

Right from my first day at LNS, I felt like a member of a collaborative, friendly team. My work at LNS is very dynamic and always provides me with new, exciting challenges. It's never boring! Above all, I love that I'm always learning, developing my skills and able to take on more responsibility.


Inside Sales Assistant, LNS Italia S.l.r, based in Castellanza

What do you enjoy the most about working at LNS ?

The flexibility which has enabled me to achieve a work-life balance. The professionalism and reliability of the company, and the team spirit among colleagues.


Technical Sales Manager, LNS Italia S.l.r, based in Castellanza

What do you feel is the best part about working at LNS ?

Professional growth, the opportunity to work with a pioneering and innovative company in a familiar environment.


Technical Sales Manager, LNS Italia S.l.r, based in Castellanza

How has working at LNS benefited you personnally?

Working in a strong multinational company has enabled me to build relationships and communicate with colleagues and customers worldwide.