Are You Helping Your CNC Team Prepare for the Game?

LNS Coaching Employees


Any CNC shop, OEM or distributor needs talented individuals to be successful. However, unless this pool of talent is shaped into a cohesive team, the organization may fall short of its potential. That’s why supervisors need to be more than managers. They need to be coaches.

Successful coaches understand that it’s their job to point every member of the team toward a clear set of objectives. And, help the team to understand the important roles they play and provide the tools and training they need to play their part.

For sure, coaching is a big job and requires a number of skills including:

Listening as well as telling

Communication is a two way street. Yet, in an effort to get things done, we often issue commands without checking to see if they are clearly understood. Worse, we may make it obvious that we’re too busy to patiently listen and understand what an employee wants to tell us. Good coaching requires being open and available when a team member needs to communicate. Otherwise, they’ll simply stop asking questions or making suggestions because they feel that what they have to say – and their place on the team – are not considered important.

Making connections

Coaches need to regularly walk the floor and interact with employees about both the job and their personal lives. Team members are human beings who need to believe that you’re interested in them as people as well as contributors to the organization. Treating everyone in this way helps build morale both individually and as a team.

Promoting growth

It’s crucial to create an atmosphere in which all team members know that continuous improvement is in their best interests and that of the team. Encourage them to bring you their ideas and suggestions. Furthermore, provide opportunities for additional education and when they make a mistake, make sure they know that what is most important is for them to learn from the error, so they won’t repeat it.

Always being the coach

Don’t wait for annual employee reviews to exercise your coaching skills. Be there for your team every day and schedule periodic coaching sessions to review individual and team progress. People need to know where they stand and what needs to be done to move the team forward.

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