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LNS brings over 45 years of proven experience to its role as your One-Stop-Shop for machine tool peripherals that optimize manufacturing performance, productivity, and profitability.

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    With over 160,000 units installed worldwide, LNS bar feeders are universally recognized for their exceptional bar guiding technique Hydrobar®.


    In the most varied applications, LNS bar feeders ensure maximum productivity on all types of fixed or sliding headstock lathes. In addition, LNS bar feeders offer record reliability and flexibility and the fastest diameter changeover available today.

    A complete product range covers all manufacturing philosophies (short, half and long bars). In order to develop LNS’ leading position, there is a constant search for new technologies and solutions that will allow customers to maximize their productivity.

  • Air Filtration Systems

    LNS specializes in optimal solutions for the elimination of pollution problems related to the manufacturing work environment. The complete product line is characterized by a sophisticated design, standard and customizable accessories. Specifically developed for the elimination of mist, aerosols and smoke typical of wet machining operations these mechanical filters can also be employed in mixed application (wet/dry) and for EDM machines.


    LNS designs and produces conveyors and complete chip disposal systems for all machine types (milling, turning or machining centers) and for the most varied applications.


    A complete range of conveyors covers all material types and chip shapes. In addition, based on the filtration requirements LNS chip conveyors can be equipped with up to 50 microns filtration systems.

    Until today, over 140,000 chip conveyors were delivered by LNS worldwide.

  • COOLANT management SYSTEMS

    LNS offers a complete range of high pressure coolant systems and tramp oil removal systems that guarantee optimal lubrication allowing a considerable increase of machining speeds.


    Additional benefits are improved surface finish of the parts, increased lifespan of the cutting tools and the machine tool and superior chip management.

  • WORK HOLDING systems

    We’ve combined the industry’s best-selling automatic steady rest with LNS America’s unparalleled application experience and mounting design capability. The result is an exceptional value in a complete, automatic work support system. LNS steady rest packages are available in a variety of models from .2″ capacity to the size that fits your largest application.


    LNS, known worldwide for innovations in bar feed technology, offers proven products of superior quality to improve turning accuracy and efficiency.

Innovation is in our DNA.

It is no coincidence that LNS established itself in the Jura Arc region. To be near its customers and their technical know-how was vital. In December 1972, three friends, Mr. Léchot (L), Mr. Neukomm (N) and Mr. Scemama (S), came together with the intention of developing, assembling and distributing mechanical bar loaders for precision-machining used by watch-makers in the Jura region. This idea became reality when manufacturing activities were launched in Orvin in January 1973.

The watch-making crisis of 1974 affected the activities of the business and pushed it in a new direction with the help of a young and ingenious precision-machining technician named Mr. Philippe Scheurer. In 1975, following the contractual acquisition of Mr. Scheurer’s patents, LNS invented the first hydraulic bar feeder, better known as the Hydrobar®.

170,000 bar feeders
150,000 chip conveyors
38,000 coolant systems
6,500 work holding systems
13,000 air filtration systems

This invention was such a resounding success that not only did LNS’ business increase significantly but the name Hydrobar® has become a generic term still used throughout the machine tool industry today.

Following this milestone, the company shifted its focus towards product development, despite economic pressures. Hence, increasingly innovative and smarter products followed throughout the years, to the great benefit of LNS’ clients. Through innovation and acquisitions, the path travelled has led LNS, still privately held today, to an enviable market position worldwide.

Our History


Foundation of LNS Switzerland


Launch of the Hydrobar Technology


Foundation of LNS America


Foundation of LNS France & LNS Italy


Foundation of LNS United Kingdom


Participation in Fedek Machine Co - Bar Feeding Systems


Acquisition of Turbo Systems Inc. - Chip Management Systems


Launch of the Japan Business Development Team


Opening of a new factory in China


Foundation of LNS Turkey


Acquisition of LNS Fox - Air Filtration Systems


Deployment of a laboratory dedicated to innovation

Acquisition of Yoshida Tekko Co, Ltd (Japan)


Foundation of LNS Japan & LNS Germany


Acquisition of Chipblaster, Inc. - Coolant Management Systems

LNS Today

The experience gathered since the creation of LNS in 1973 has allowed the group to reach a position of worldwide leader in the field of machine-tool peripherals. Based on this experience in the LNS organization has been further fine-tuned in order to be even closer to the regional markets and to respond even faster to the future evolutions.

The market is managed through a network consisting of sister companies and exclusive agents. This solid distribution network, which has been built over the years, allows LNS to create customer loyalty and to acquire new customers. This distribution network is being instantly expanded in order to cover new regions as efficiently as possible.

Based on the principle of sustainability and the knowledge of the customer requirements, LNS is providing its product offing with chip management systems, coolant management systems, air filtration systems and bar feeding systems.

Success Stories

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    Nilpeter makes six models of flexographic presses in its Cincinnati, OH facility. Each model requires a number of high-precision parts including impression rollers. A typical press has eight impression rollers, and each must be precisely machined to final diameter tolerances of +/- 0.00005”.

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