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5 Ways Coolant Filtration Saves a CNC Shop Time & Money

Filtering Chip Conveyor and High Pressure Coolant System

Filtering chip conveyors and high-pressure coolant systems can help a CNC shop’s productivity and bottom line.

A chip management system properly matched to materials, sizes and shapes of chips keeps production flowing by preventing bottlenecks and backups. Similarly, the right high-pressure coolant delivery system maintains optimum pressure and flow to enhance CNC machine performance. Whether used together or independently, chip management and high-pressure systems suited to your applications can significantly reduce costs. Adding coolant filtration to the mix can save even more production time and expense. Here’s how:

  1. Longer tool life. It’s expected that high-pressure systems and chip conveyors that efficiently remove chips from the cutting zone help reduce tool wear. However, even fine chip particles retained in recirculated coolant can affect cutting tool life. A chip conveyor that filters coolant particles to 50 microns keeps this debris out of the process. For even finer filtration, a cyclonic filter that is either integrated within a high-pressure system or used as a free-standing unit, filters coolant to 2 microns.
  2. Protects pumps from damage. Keeping fines out of the machine sump protects the pumping system from wear that leads to unplanned maintenance, shorter pump life and interrupted production.
  3. Protects workpiece finishes. Recirculating chips and fines that find their way back into the cutting area can cause abrasion to workpieces. This is especially troublesome for parts with demanding Ra requirements.
  4. Extends coolant life. Properly filtered coolant is free from debris that shortens its useful life and it retains its properties longer. As a result, you replace coolant less often – a savings that goes directly to your bottom line.
  5. Reduces coolant disposal costs. In addition to the coolant cost, itself, disposal fees, labor to change coolant, and the interruption of workflow all add up.

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