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5 Tips for Trouble-Free, Cost-Efficient Oil/Coolant Performance

5 Tips for Trouble-Free, Cost-Efficient Oil/Coolant Performance

Here’s how to easily reduce oil/mist collector maintenance time and cost.

Investing in LNS Fox Oil/Coolant Mist Collectors is a wise move that provides a healthier workplace, reduces employee absences and HVAC costs. The following installation and operation tips will help assure optimum performance and filter life:

  1. Install the inlet port as far away from the spindle as possible. Doing so allows the oil/mist collector to more efficiently draw mist away from the machine door, thus reducing exposure when the door is opened. In the same way, this positioning reduces the amount of bulk fluid drawn into the collector which can extend filter life.
  2. Eliminate sagging of the inlet hose. In some installations the best solution is to use the optional hard pipe kit rather than a flexible hose.
  3. Use a correctly installed and primed P-Trap. This drainage tube trap allows collected liquids to properly drain from the unit as it operates, ensuring long filter life.
  4. Install a splash guard. This device also helps reduce bulk fluid intake and prevents chips from entering the air stream. A splash guard is included in the LNS Premium Accessory Kit.
  5. Turn off oil/mist collector when CNC machine is not in use. This simple action allows the filters to drain efficiently and can extend filter life.

One more tip: When the time comes to replace the main filter, be sure to wipe out the cabinet and inspect the drain line for proper operation.

Your local LNS representatives have more recommendations to keep your LNS Fox oil/mist collector operating at peak efficiency. They can also help you select an oil/mist collector that best suits your needs. To learn more call 513-528-5674 or email: