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5 Reasons LNS 12-foot Bar Feeders are the Industry Standard

LNS 12-foot Bar Feeders are the Industry Standard

Only one bar feeding company has been innovating and refining 12-foot bar feeders for over 45 years. But that’s only one part of the story.

In many applications, the ability to wring the greatest performance from a CNC turning machine hinges on how quickly and reliably bar stock is loaded and then supported by the bar feeder. That’s why there are more LNS 12-foot bar feeders installed world-wide than any other brand. Here are 5 reasons why LNS leads the industry.

  1. More Patents. Since LNS introduced the Hydrobar® concept in 1975, the company has continuously innovated 12-foot bar feeding with more patented technologies than anyone else.
  1. Fastest Changeovers. All LNS models are designed for quick diameter changeovers. Many models automatically adjust at the touch of the control screen. When used with the exclusive LNS e-Connect system that enables the machine tool to communicate bilaterally with the bar feeder, changeovers from one part program to another within the stated diameter range requires no operator intervention at all.
  1. Realistic Diameter Ranges. Until the laws of physics are repealed, be wary of claims that it’s possible to run a wide range of bar diameters without changeovers. Bar stock that is not properly supported through appropriate guides will create vibrations that can harm machine tools and impact part quality. LNS has the broadest line of 12-foot bar feeders available to accommodate a wide range of applications.
  1. Safety First. In addition to making bar feeders faster and more reliable, LNS has always focused on creating products that are safe for the operator, the workpieces, the machine tools and the environment. That’s why LNS developed electronic headstock synchronization, the Swiss safety connection, automatic front stabilizers and more for bar feeders. Together with LNS chip and coolant management systems,  LNS ChipBLASTER high-pressure systems and oil/mist collectors no one offers more ways to have a safe and healthy manufacturing workplace.
  1. All In One. Only LNS designs, builds, services and supports every bar feeder we make and sell – worldwide. Products, parts, technical service and experienced applications support are as near as your phone. To learn more, contact your local LNS representative, call 513-528-5674 or email: